1. BeingHouston Week Nineteen. Rachel McKernan 4.20 - 4.27

    My name is Rachel and I was born and raised in southeast Houston -Clear Lake area- surrounded by astronauts and strip centers. I moved into the loop in the past year and currently live in the Montrose area. I love the casualty and diversity of it. In my spare time I have two hellion cats at home and enjoy biking and walking around the city to check out the various bars, restaurants, and nightlife scenes. Can’t wait to show you my side of Houston.


  2. BeingHouston Week Eighteen. Juan Claros 4.13 - 4.20

    My name is Juan Claros. I live in East Houston, near North Shore. I’m a probationary firefighter with the Houston Fire Department ( I’m a rookie). Houston has been my home since I was born, and I’m damn proud of it. My parents emigrated from El Salvador and Mexico, respectively, which has blessed me with being able to enjoy different cultures. I’m eclectic, I literally listen to all kinds of music, and I’m a big supporter of local bands, especially Texas music. 


  3. BeingHouston Week Seventeen. Dean Davis 4.6 - 4.13

    Hi. I’m Dean (@DeanAtWork). I live with two cats and I have a “Big People Job” that requires me to sit in an office all day and write emails. In my free time I write long screeds about unimportant things, defend unintelligible premises, and drink way too much coffee. I’ve been sober for just over a year now, so if you see me dancing like a weirdo at a show, it’s not because I’m on something, it’s because I AM a weirdo. I am not the “FREE HUGS” guy but I aim to be the guy who convinces people to become the “FREE HUGS” guy.

    I’m originally from south Louisiana, but I’ve lived in Houston since coming to Rice in 2004. It took me several years to realize that I love this city. These days I spend my time biking, writing (occasionally for Houstonia), and going to concerts. Hit me up if you ever need a koan, mantra, belief statement, or otherwise obtuse viewpoint.


  4. BeingHouston Week Sixteen. Rob Cornelius 3.30 - 4.6

    My name is Rob Cornelius; I’ve lived in Houston for exactly a year. I’m a transplant from Oxford, Mississippi, but I grew up in Van Zandt County over in East Texas. I work with Alzheimer’s patients and enjoy literature, movies, art, and bars that have pool tables. Can’t wait to show you my slice of Houston.


  5. BeingHouston Week Fifteen. David Creed 3.23 - 3.30

    Hello, my name is David Creed (@creedolini). I live near the Medical Center. Besides a 7 year stint in Los Angeles, I’ve lived in Houston my entire life: a native Houstonian who’s never owned a pair of boots (too noisy).

    I have twin 6 year old boys and nobody says I look young for my age anymore.

    I work on the railroad and see a lot of interesting stuff around the rails. This is a great opportunity to explore and share some of those sights.


  6. BeingHouston Week Fourteen. Rose Mattox 3.16 - 3.23


    Hi there, my name’s Rose.  I’m 24 and work in flooring in Stafford.  I’m an Austin transplant in Houston since last summer and I gotta say, you guys are growing on me.  I like movies, architecture, history, travel, Marvel comics, and good coffee.


  7. BeingHouston Week Thirteen. Josh Olsen 3.9 - 3.16

    I’m Josh Olsen. 31 born and raised in SE Houston. Work in the Galleria.  I know almost every inch of this city. I’m Hispanic, love good food and coffee. My twitter is @duromexicano


  8. BeingHouston Week Twelve. Joey Martinez 3.2 - 3.9

    Hello Houston. My name is Joey Martinez, but I go by txDiabeteS when I’m on the internet. I am 22 years old and have lived in southeast Houston all of my life. I do two things for money (jobs), one of them is answering phones at a doctor’s office and the other is delivering sandwiches for Jimmy John’s. For fun, I will sometimes: host my own podcast, draw butthole(s), smoke weed, play guitar, look at my 135lb frame in the mirror. I ride a fixed gear bike and that’s a lot of fun. I like going to shows and drinking beer. I’m a pretty standard 22 year old hispanic kid from southeast Houston, what’s up, welcome to my week being Houston.


  9. BeingHouston Week Eleven. Lisa of Blue Heron Farms 2.23 - 3.2

    Lisa is a Houstonian who lives & farms in the faaaaaar out suburb of Fieldstore, TX. She makes the trek into Houston several times a week to sell her terrific cheeses + cajeta at farmer’s markets (Including every Tuesdays at Rice University 3:30 - 6:30 & Saturdays at Urban Harvest 8 - Noon) You can also pick up her stuff locally at Revival Market In the Heights.  

    Born in Minnesota, but grew up in a few different places, as a military brat. Her family settled in San Antonio when she was 10, so she tells people she’s a Texan. Lisa’s past career choices include Greeting Card Writer, Financial Services Marketing Manager and a couple other jobs she really never took to. An avowed city girl, Lisa was eventually wooed out to the country by her foodie passions. Head cheese maker & in charge of feeding the non-goat animals at BHF, as well as attempting to grow the family’s vegetables. She is also the one who has to give the goats their shots. Pretty funny…she’s very needle-phobic. Lisa is in charge of marketing. It’s the least she can do with her fancy Advertising degree from UT.


  10. BeingHouston Week Ten. Mandy Graessle 2.16 - 2.23

    Mandy (@favouritethings) is a recovering non-profit arts administrator and relapsing theatre junkie who now spends her days (and some nights) in law marketing. Born & raised in Houston #SWAT, she left several times before finally falling madly in love with it, decided to put up roots and never stop getting lost in her hometown. 
    Other addicitons include her dog Waylon (who does NOT have a twitter account), local music #carolinesessions, @mildreds, @stagestheatre, @msthouston and tacos.